Office of the Mayor

As the official and ceremonial head of the City of Tallmadge, the Mayor sets city policies and develops programs and projects to enhance the quality of life provided to its residents. He supervises the administration of the city and the conduct and administration of all departments and divisions thereof. He may appoint, promote, discipline, transfer, reduce or remove any official or employee under his supervision.

Laws & Public Safety

The Mayor is the Safety Director and chief conservator of the peace within the city, responsible for seeing that all laws, resolutions and ordinances of the City of Tallmadge and the State of Ohio are enforced. He is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to public safety, including police, fire and emergency medical services. The Police and Fire Chiefs report directly to the Mayor.

Position Appointment

He is responsible for appointing members to serve on all city boards and commissions as well as the direct appointment of the following key positions: 
  • Director of Administration
  • Director of Community Development
  • Director of Economic Development
  • Director of Public Service
  • Fire Chief
  • Police Chief
  • Mayor's Administrative Assistant