Economic Development

Welcome to Tallmadge, Ohio

Home to more than 500 businesses ranging from small entrepreneurial and family businesses to large international corporations, Tallmadge offers many competitive advantages to businesses looking to locate in a community that is both business-focused and family-oriented. The City of Tallmadge provides services and programs to create employment opportunities through business retention, expansion and attraction.

The Place for Business

Tallmadge prides itself on its skilled and educated workforce and the diverse composition of business clusters including mold making, rubber and plastic manufacturing, metal fabrication, food processing and trucking. Firms within the city manufacture a wide variety of products including lift gates, electrical components, insulation, gaskets, airplane parts, voice boxes, dental products, wheels, industrial machinery, dies, molds, wood products and polymers.   

In 2003, the City of Tallmadge and the Township of Brimfield entered into a Joint Economic Development District Agreement with the stated purpose of promoting economic development while creating and preserving employment opportunities for both communities.  Within the JEDD, an income tax is levied on all applicable businesses and employees with the revenues being shared by Tallmadge and Brimfield according to the terms of the agreement.

Comprehensive Planning

Tallmadge utilizes a Comprehensive Plan, adopted by Tallmadge City Council, as a comprehensive land use and development guide to promote and facilitate a sound development pattern throughout the city. This plan defines a unified set of objectives for the development of all areas of the community and serves as a guide for the delineation of public capital improvement as well as private development projects.

Tallmadge, Ohio ...

A charming, historic community offering an exceptional quality-of-life for its residents, an excellent education system and a vibrant business community.