Envelope of Life

In partnership with Western Reserve Hospital, the City of Tallmadge is a proud participant of the "Envelope of Life" program. The packet is available to all residents to aid emergency responders in the event of a medical emergency. Included in the "Envelope of Life" packet are two copies of an easy-to-fill-out form to list all medications and up-to-date medical history. One copy can be placed in a magnetic envelope (to be placed on the refrigerator) and the second copy in the standard envelope (to be placed in glove box of your car). “Life” stickers are provided to be place at the front of your house (if you use the refrigerator) and/or on the back window of your car (if you use your glove box). First responders will see the sticker and know where to look for your information.

A packet can be printed:

envelope of life