Business Retention

The City of Tallmadge recognizes the importance of all businesses to the economic health and stability of the community.  Attracting new businesses is very important goal, but retaining the businesses already located here, those that have a stake in the community and provide quality jobs for the local labor force, is the highest priority. 
In Tallmadge, up to 80% of job growth is generated by existing businesses. Therefore, identifying opportunities for business expansions and facilitating those plans is the preferred approach to sustaining and building the local economy and quality of life for Tallmadge residents.

Simply stated, the City of Tallmadge considers existing businesses to be its customers and focuses the majority of its economic development efforts toward the retention and expansion of these businesses through an active and coordinated business visitation program. This program is designed as a sustainable outreach program for the purpose of: 
  • Building strong relationships with company stakeholders,
  • Identifying and understanding business needs and concerns,
  • Maintaining lines of communication by sharing information and resources, and
  • Providing assistance to support business growth and expansion.
For more information or to schedule a business visitation, please contact us at 330.633.5127.