New Jobs Program (NJP)

WeldingThe City of Tallmadge New Jobs Program provides a monetary incentive in the form of an income tax rebate to new businesses occupying new and/or existing industrial, commercial or retail buildings where such occupancy creates new jobs within the city.

Eligibility Categories

  • New businesses moving into Tallmadge and creating  new jobs resulting in a minimum of $500,000 in new annual payroll all at one time, excluding benefits;
  • New business must agree to maintain the new jobs and increased payroll throughout the grant period;
  • Term of the grant period shall be three (3) years;
  • Any new business that leases a building must have a minimum 5-year lease for such structures at the time the grant is approved;
  • Grant payments are payable only after the Qualifying New Payroll has been maintained for one full calendar year.

An application must be submitted to the City of Tallmadge Economic Development Office and, upon acceptance, is subject to verification by the City of Tallmadge Finance Director and City Council approval.

 Please contact the Economic Development Office at 330-633-5127 (or click here) to assist you with your business and development needs.

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