Park Rules

  1. The City of Tallmadge parks and park facilities are open for public use on a first-come basis except for areas that require entrance fees or areas that have been reserved.
  2. Parks are open daily from 6 am until dusk, with the exceptions of Lions Park Ballfield and Mack Burleson Ballfields, which are open until 11 pm during the playing season.
  3. Parking lots and parking stalls are reserved for park users only (Summit Metro Parks Freedom Trail is included). Any other use of the parking lots and stalls must receive written permission from the City of Tallmadge Parks and Rec Department.
  4. The use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  5. Use of tobacco products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco and electronic smoking devices, are prohibited in city parks within 150 feet of playgrounds, shelters, ballfields, tennis courts, basketball courts or other structures.
  6. Pets are permitted in all parks but must be on a leash and under control of their owner at all times. Pet owners must clean up after their pets.
  7. Hunting, trapping, or molesting of the wildlife is prohibited.
  8. Fireworks or explosives of any kind are prohibited in all city parks and facilities.
  9. Weapons are only permitted in accordance with state law in all city parks and facilities.
  10. No person shall engage in gambling activities within a city park or facility.
  11. No person shall disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the park through noise-making devises or loud or offensive music.
  12. No person shall post any signs or messages in any city park without the expressed written consent of the City of Tallmadge.
  13. No person shall participate in any form of organized league game or practice on any field in any city park without prior authorization from the parks and recreation department.
  14. No person shall hit golf balls or use any projectile (slingshots, rocks, lawn darts, etc.) on park property.
  15. No person shall operate a drone in any city park without expressed written consent from the City of Tallmadge except as allowed by Federal Aviation Law.
  16. No person shall purposely, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently destroy, damage or remove any park property including trees, flowers, shrubs, grasses, playground equipment, benches, tables or other structures.
  17. Use of metal detectors is prohibited in all city parks.
  18. The burial of anyone or anything including geocaching and the spreading or depositing cremains on park property is strictly prohibited.
  19. The use of mopeds, motorcycles, or motorbikes is permitted only on hard paved surfaces of the entrance drive and parking lot.
  20. The use of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles on the park property is strictly prohibited.
  21. No person shall abandon a vehicle or other personal property in any park.
  22. Camping and overnight use of parks is prohibited.
  23. No person shall loiter in and around any park or facility.
  24. No person shall solicit, sell, or offer for sale any item or service in a park without prior written consent from the City of Tallmadge.
  25. Fires are only permitted in charcoal grills provided and maintained by the City of Tallmadge. No person shall deposit or scatter hot coals or ash in any area of the park except in receptacles provided for such use.
  26. The City of Tallmadge assumes no responsibility or obligation for damage to any vehicle or any other personal property owned by users of any of the park property.
  27. The City of Tallmadge assumes no responsibility or obligation for injury that may occur on park premises or while using park facilities.

Updated 7.29.21 /jrs