When will my street be plowed, salted, or cleared after a big snow storm?

A major storm could take 12 to 16 hours to complete AFTER the storm ends. The main roads are always plowed first, then the secondary roads, once those are completed, the side roads are plowed. Clean up could go on for several days after the storm. Despite the high level of service provided, no guarantee can be given that the roads will be completely clear of snow and ice.

Plows have to make four to six passes on a street to clear it curb to curb. It is best for residents to wait, if possible, until we have finished plowing before shoveling out your driveway approach. We cannot prevent snow from being deposited in driveway approaches.

The Street Department only salts hills and intersections on residential roads; we are limited to our annual salt deliveries so we must limit the amount of salt we use.

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