My driveway approach has a sink hole forming or water is not flowing?
If you notice a sink hole, cracked concrete/asphalt or the water is not flowing through your culvert, you may need to have your culvert pipe replaced. The culvert pipe is the pipe under your driveway approach.
Please contact the Street Department to request the first inspection. If the work is being completed by a contractor that may be replacing your drive or approach, a bond and permit for both culvert replacement and approach must be purchased before the work is started. Several inspections are required to receive your bond back.

We will replace your culvert at no additional cost, once we determine the diameter, you will be asked to purchase a 16 gauge, 20 foot (no larger than 30 foot) galvanized steel pipe and possibly a band or two. You will also be asked to order gravel, you may have the gravel delivered to our site at 210 Osceola Avenue; if you wish, we will then transfer the gravel on the day of installation.

Once the pipe and gravel is on site, call the office to schedule the installation which may take up to one week. We will remove the old pipe, install the new and cover it with the gravel. It is the property owners responsibility to restore ground conditions which include landscaping, asphalt, concrete. You may contact the Street Department at 330-633-5130.

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